Ancient Arabic March 2001 Node is for the moment E:\AFD. This index file is .\01APR01.IDX. (1) Wehr Verbs (.\WEHR\WV.001) 250,000 bytes, zips to 80,000 -- dated Oct. 1997 -- public domain (MESC) 11,019 items with root, conjugation, unpredictable masdars, and very short English definition, as yy Tyf a/i appear in sleep 1a23 yy Tyn 2 daub with clay ss Zrf u/u be charming 1a23 ss Zrf u/u be charming 1a2a!3a ss Zrf 2 adorn ss Zrf 5 affect charm ss Zrf 6 affect charm ss Zrf 10 find elegant ss Z&n a/a move away 1a23 ss Zfr i/a be successful 1a2a3 ss Zfr 2 grant victory ss Zfr 4 grant victory ss Zfr 6 ally gg Zll i/a be 1a23 gg Zll i/a be 1u2uw3 gg Zll 2 shade gg Zll 4 shade gg Zll 5 be shaded gg Zll 10 be shaded (( ss sound / qq 4literal / gg geminated / hh hamza / ww/yy weak Associated items: ADVERB.C -- extracts verbs from ASCII of BAWL (in 4 subnodes) GETVERB.C -- extracts verbs of type XX from Wehr file (why not grep?) GV.C -- another version of ditto PROCLINE.C -- shell for line-processing filter No remarks or analysis. === [2] English-Arabic Wordlist File is .\E2a\E2A.OLD. 466,000 bytes zip to 155,000. Public domain (MESC). 16,783 items in fol. format: cm prince !'amiyr 1 aj princely fa!xir 1 cm princes h !'umara!c 2 cf princess !'amiyra+ 1 cf princesses h !'amiyra!t 6 cm principal ray'iys 1 aj principal ray'iysiy: 1 cf principalities !"ima!ra!t 6 cf principality !"ima!ra+ 1 i.e., GrammarInfo EnglishWord Arabic Word GrammarInfo No associated programs or text files. === [3] Arabic Qur'an (.\AQ\QALL2.TXT) 760,000 bytes, zips to 240,000. (Copyright 777 ABCE by Preserved Tablet Associates of Basra and the estate of Rabbi Ben Hagar.) Plain ASCII/ElChipabic with special Qur'anic sukuwns & geminations after nunnation &c. No associated programs or commentary. === [4] English Qu'ran (.\EQ\PQ??.W20) Pickthall translation in WinWord 2.0 format, divided in ten files. Also a CUSTOM.DIC file with -eth/-est &c. for spellchecking and a special template PQURAN.DOT. Word files total about 900,000 bytes. Whole thing zips down to about 330,000. (Plain text, as I recall, is very nearly the same size as the Arabic, c. 750,000.) No associated programs or commentary. Presumably copyrighted. === [5] Landau Frequency List (.\LANDAU\LANDAU?.TXT) 8900 items (everything with frequency of two or more) in following format: wa!H - oasis wa!rae - to conceal wa!kaba - to participate in a procession wa!w - the 27th letter of the Arabic alphabet waba!l - evil, harm The frequency information is preserved only in the order of the items, everything that occurred the same number of times coming together, the most frequent first. Though undoubtedly copyrighted, the copyright would seem to apply mostly to the frequency information, which could be abolished almost entirely by sorting the whole thing alphabetically. All that would remain is a vague notion that these are very common words. After the first 2,000 lines especially, the proofreading is, as I recall, wretched. === [6] Bishai Arabic Wordlist (.\BAWL\BAWL.TXT) 1,078,000 bytes, zips to 387,000. 33,405 lines in fol. format: bwlys / police bwlysa+ j baw!lysu / certificate; shipping document {bwm} 2-baw:ama / to make an ugly face bwm j !'ab#w!m / owls bwma+ / one owl {bwn} 1-b!na yabwnu - baw#n / to exceed b!n / ben tree baw#n / difference {bwh} 1-b!ha yabwhu - baw#h / to pay attention to; to have intercourse with b!h / sexual potency; orgasm baw'wna+ / tenth month of Coptic calendar I.e., it is arranged in modern Arabic dictionary order. "Copyright (c) 1994 Arabic Software Center. All rights reserved." About forty lines explaining ElChipabic were very recently prefixed to the file. There is no other programming or analysis here, but lots of it elsewhere.
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