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Orlandi Lassi Bicinia Suavissima [1577]

A. (Ecclesiasticus 14:22) Beatus vir qui in sapientia morabitur / Et qui in iustitia sua meditabitur / Et in sensu cogitabit circumspectionem Dei "Blessed is the man who shall remain wise / And shall worry about being just / And shall reflect with feeling about how God sees everything."

B. (Proverbs 3:13-14) Beatus homo qui inveniet sapientiam / Et qui affluit prudentia . / Melior est acquisitio eius negotiatione argenti / Et auri primi et purissimi. "Happy is she who shall find wisdom / And be rich in circumspection! / Her gain is better than any trading in silver / Or even in the purest 32-carat gold."

C. (II Corinthians 2:9) Oculus non vidit / Nec auris audivit / Nec in cor hominis ascendit / Quae praeparavit Deus / His / Qui diligunt illum "Eye has not seen / Nor ear heard / Nor has it crossed any human mind / What things God has prepared / For them / Who love Him."

D. (Ecclesiasticus 39:6) Iustus cor suum tradet ad vigilandum diluculo / ad Dominum qui fecit illum / et in conspectu altissimi deprecabitur. "The righteous man will devote his heart to keeping watch at daybreak / for the Lord who made him / and in the sight of the Highest will he pray."

E. (Proverbs 10:28) Expectatio iustorum laetitia / Spes autem impiorum peribit. / Fortitudo simplicis via Domini / Et pavor his qui operantur malum. "The just have joy to look forward to, / But the hope of the wicked shall perish. The strength of the straightforward man is the way of the Lord / And a terror to evildoers."

F. (Gospel of John 8:12) Qui sequitur me / Non ambulat in tenebris / Sed habebit lumen vitae: / Dicit Dominus. "'Who follows me / does not walk in darkness / But shall have the light of life,' / says the Lord."

G. (Sapientia 10:19) Iusti tulerunt spolia impiorum / Et cantaverunt, Domine, nomen sanctum tuum / Et victricem manum tuam laudaverunt pariter, / Domine, Deus noster. "The righteous have despoiled the wicked / And sung thy holy name, O Lord / And they have praised thy victorious hand all together, / O Lord, our God."

H. Sancti mei, / Qui in isto saeculo / certamen habuistis / Mercedem labrorum vestrorum / Ego reddam vobis "My saints, / You who in that world / have had a struggle, / The reward of your labors, / I shall repay you."

I. (Matthew 16:24) Qui vult venire post me, / abneget semetipsum / et tollat crucem suam / et sequatur me -- / Dicit Dominus. "'Whoever wishes to come after me, / let him deny himself / and take up his cross / and follow me,' says the Lord."

J. (Matthew 25:23) Serve bone et fidelis, / quia in pauca fuisti fidelis, / supra multa te constituam. / Intra in gaudium Domini Dei tui. "Good and trusty servant, / because in a few things you have been faithful, / I shall set you over many things. / Enter into the joy of your Lord God."

K. Fulgebunt iusti sicut lilium / et sicut rosa / in Iericho / florebunt ante Dominum "The righteous shall shine like the lilly, / and like the rose / in Jericho / shall they shine before the Lord."

L. Sicut rosa / inter spinas / illis addit speciem, / sic venustat suam Virgo Maria progeniem; / germinavit enim florem / qui vitalem dat odorem. "Just as a rose / amongst thorns / adds beauty to them, / so the virgin Mary adorns her offspring; / for she has produced a flower / that gives forth a life-saving fragrance."

All The OL Bicinia (20 MIDI Files zipped)