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B. Ne Laeteris, Inimica Mea

[Hawkins Volume I, Chapter LXX, p. 326f.] "DAMIANUS GOS, a Portugeuse knight, ...chamberlain to Emanuel king of Portugal ... in Italy he contracted a friendship with Cardinals Bembo, Sadolet and Madruce ... recalled into Portugal to write the history of that kingdom, but he lived not to finish it; for in the year 1596, ... was found dead.... In the course of his travels he made a visit to Glareanus at Friburg, and there contracted a friendship with him and Erasmus.... In music he was esteemed equal to the most eminent masters of his time. The following hymn of his composition is published in the Dodecachordon :--"

(Fruitcake S60 A17 T112)
Ne laeteris, / inimica mea, / super me / quia cecidi. / Consurgam. / Cum consedero in tenebris / Dominus lux mea est. "Do not rejoice, / my [female] enemy, / over me / because I have fallen. / I shall arise. / Though I sit in shadows, / the Lord is my light."