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Jean Mouton (1459-1522) Salve, Mater Salvatoris

[Hawkins Volume I, Chapter LXXIV, p. 343f. (from Glareanus:1547)]

"Johannes Mouton, a disciple of Adrian Willaert (oops!), was Maestro di Capella to Francis I. king of France, and, by the testimony of his contemporaries, was one of the greatest musicians of the age he lived in...."

(SATB 53) (GM Woodwind S69 A72 T112 B71)
Salve, Mater Salvatoris, / vas electum, / vas honoris, / vas misericordiae, / sis pro nobis fons veniae. "Hail, Mother of the Savior, chosen vessel, vessel of honor, vessel of mercy, be for us the font of pardon."

Willaert's dates are 1490-1562. He might have been Mouton's apprentice: I don't seem to have enough biographical information to know about that, but he certainly was not Mouton's master.

The general idea of the thing is a double canon between tenor/soprano and bass/alto, with the upper voices inverted vis--vis the lower. Very Flemish.