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Being the Absolute Final Canonical Regulatory Standard for



19 صفر 1422

The MWA Unisortium is pleased to announce that almost everything is now graven in stone. The only question remaining open is whether MWA stands for ‘Microsoft Wannabe Arabic’ or ‘Massachusetts Windows Arabic.’ There must always be some flexibility somewhere. Over-rigid systems have been known to come to grief. In any case, never say `die,' always say "mwa."

Be advised that Canonical MWA is defined only by the central and eastern columns of the following table. The western column, containing values of the soi-disant ‘Unicode,’ is purely facultative. You may replace it with whatever you prefer.

As you know, MWA includes “Windows Persian.” It also contains three (3) punctuation marks, the reverse question mark and the cancrizans comma and semi-colon. Canonical MWA thus contains fifty-two (52) of the fifty-five (55) non-ASCII graphemes required to execute contemporary standard written Arabic and Persian correctly. 94.55%, that comes to. Not bad for .... There is also the keheh otiosa, so the table will be found to contain fifty-three (53) items in all. As regards the other 203 items of an 8-bit encoding, the MWA Unisortium prescinds from promulgating any prescriptive directives whatsoever. Feel 79.3% free.

067E     81     pih
....     ..
0686     8D     chiym
0698     8E     zhih
....     ..     
06AF     90     gaaf
....     ..
06A9     98     "keheh"
....     ..
060C     A1     comma
....     ..
061B     BA     semi-colon
....     ..
061F     BF     question mark
....     ..
0621     C1     hamza
0622     C2     alif + madda
0623     C3     alif + hamza
0624     c4     waaw + hamza
0625     C5     alif + hamza (+ kasra)
0626     c6     yaa + hamza
0627     C7     hamza
0628     C8     baa
0629     C9     taa marbuwTa
062A     CA     taa
062B     CB     thaa
062C     CC     jiym
062D     CD     Haa
062E     CE     khaa
062F     CF     daal
0630     D0     dhaal
0631     D1     raa
0632     D2     zaay
0633     D3     siyn
0634     D4     shiyn
0635     D5     Saad
0636     D6     Daad
0637     D8     Taa
0638     D9     Zaa
0639     DA     &ayn
063A     DB     ghayn
0640     DC     taTwiyl
0641     DD     faa
0642     DE     qaaf
0643     DF     kaaf
0644     E1     laam
0645     E3     miym
0646     E4     nuwn
0647     E5     haa
0648     E6     waaw
0649     EC     alif maqSuwra
064A     ED     yaa
064B     F0     fatHatayn
064C     F1     Dammatayn
064D     F2     kasratayn
064E     F3     fatHa
064F     F5     Damma
0650     F6     kasra
0651     F8     shadda
0652     FA     sukuwn

 U+0670   XX     "dagger alif"
 U+0671   XX     alif + waSla
 U+06C0   XX     haa + hamza

The MWA Unisortium is strictly a legislative body. If you are interested in making any of the above actually happen on any particular computer, we refer you to the Executive Branch.

والله احسب من كل الحاسبين