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Massachusetts Arabic Outside Windows

Almost everything Zamsoft knows about Arabic on the Macintosh we learned from Ms. Barbara Petzman, to whom many thanks.

(1) For general information, you want

{{ }}

(2) For fonts and keyboards, you want optional parts of the Macintosh operating system proper, software from Apple.

(3) To read webpages, which are overwhelmingly in "Windows Arabic," you want an unheard-of browser called iCab from

{{ }}.

(4) To read and write anything (including Windows Arabic webpages), you want Microsoft Word for the Mac, which is to say

"Office 2001".

All that is about Arabic-script Arabic. There is an interesting discussion of fonts for transliterated Arabic at the first site mentioned above. (It seems that Al-Jaghbub is a town in Libya.)

About Linux, X-windows, &c., Zamsoft has nothing to say at all except that we have heard rumors that Arabic exists out there.