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The Resurgence Of American Clashism

(Updated 18 October 2001)

(1) Aryeh Neier, "Warring Against Modernity"

(2) Rod Dreher, "Islam According to Oprah"

(3) Tariq Modood, "Muslims in the West"

(4) Tomas Halik, "Struggle of Civilizations: Towards a New Moral Ecology"

(5) John Keegan, "In this war of civilisations, the West will prevail"

(6) Justin Vasse, "Two Scenarios for the Future"

(7) Francis Fukuyama, "The West Has Won"

(8) David Brooks (after V.S.Naipaul), "The Closing of the Islamic Mind"

Cited by Brooks, the following two articles from 1990 can not be accounted strictly Clashist of the Huntingtonian sect. Perhaps they influenced Mr. Sam, though. Lewis expressly says "clash of civilizations," but for him and Naipaul the good Civilization is Universal Liberalism, not Latin Christendom.

(8a) Bernard Lewis, "The Roots of Muslim Rage"

(8b) V. S. Naipaul, "Our Universal Civilisation"

(9) Edward Said, "The Clash of Ignorance"

(10) Akbar S. Ahmed (after Ibn Khaldun), "Islam's Crossroads"

(11) Kofi Annan, "The Dialogue of Civilizations and the Need for a World Ethic"

(12) William Pfaff, "The 'Clash of Civilizations' Is for History's Dustbin"

(13) Peter Beaumont (after Ibn Taymiyya et al.), "The Roots Of Islamic Anger"