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El Sheepo في الشاء

More effing sheep

Alasmaei Capitula XVII DE OVE (Linguâ Arabicâ Confecta)
الاصمعي -- أنباء العلماء في أسماء الشاء

The above link is to a WinWord 9.0 ("Office 2000"/"Office 2001") document. If you download it but lack the appropriate software, the results are likely to be unpredictable. In any case, El Sheepo makes no representations about fitness or suitability for any purpose real or imaginary.

Al-Asma‘i's Sheep at the Library of Congress

الفهرست الجزئي لشاء الأدباء لدي الورّاق

Al-Asma‘i's Sheep in Sunny California (CDL/MELVYL)

John Harvard with Dead Lamb(?)

Al-Asma‘i's Sheep Matriculate at Harvard

None of these four links is actually valid. If you click on any of the gadgets in them you will get a "session expired" error message or the like. So just read them and admire and then use the {BACK} arrow in your browser to return hither.

لا أحد من هذه الروابط الأربعة في الحقيقة صالح . إذا ضغطت على أيّ من الأدوات فيهم أنت سوف تحصل " الجلسة انتهت " رسالة الخطإ أو المثل . لذا فقط قرأهم و أعجب و ثمّ استعمل السهم في متصفّحك للعود إلى هنا .

(That's exactly what the on-line translator at AJEEB (العجيب) made of my previous paragraph. If the Arabic isn't what it should be, kindly flunk their machine, not poor trusting El Sheepo.)

THE Arabic Site

If the above image is the only correctly written Arabic-script Arabic you can see on this page, first check whether you can use "View\Encoding" in IE5 to force the page to be displayed as "Arabic (Windows)." If that fails, click on the image and go to to the الورّاق homepage. Follow the instructions obtained by clicking on "To View Arabic Text" in the second bullet under the on-screen keyboard at the right.

No, on second thought, getting everybody "enabled" (as they say in la jerigonza de Redmond) is so important that HERE is a copy of (not a link to) those instructions. I daresay neither الورّاق nor ميغروسَوفط الأعظم will want to sue poor penniless El Sheepo for trying to drum up business for them.



In humble self-praise of his own "Xlit1256" font, not to mention the "Arabic (Massachusetts) 101-Key" keyboard, El Sheepo appends a picture of part of the mark-ups for this page.

(Only for Nerds)

ALREADY it disagrees with itself! I took (العجيب) out of the AJEEB link, because it is distressing (for us foreigners, anyway) how underlining in Arabic wipes out the نقط.

واللّه أعلم